Louise’s rabbit Hoppy likes to listen to Tom Waits on my record player.

yes, she does, but she told me she prefers pixies.
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oh. sigh.
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tweet tweet

linked my twitter to my tumblr and vice versa… i think…

hear hear
alex james’s cheese on sale in sainsbury’s! and part of Claire’s bday present.
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i love my new MacBook

i do. and i’m worried i will wake up and this will all be a dream.

in other news, don’t go to camden kitchen for crumble, it is terrible. a review later, perhaps…

umm… hmm.
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crumble review: queen’s head and artichoke

you may gather from the name that this pub is something of a “gastro-” one. the menu is embelished with less than common ingredients and combinations such as salsify chips and rhubarb compote, and i was salivating at the sight of beetroot and apple crumble on their website.

IRL the q&a wasn’t feeling as adventurous and i had to settle for pear and apple. same approach as smithfield, crumble packed into a terracota dish (which i believe might be called a cazuela but i could be wrong) in an attempt to “poshify” it. thing is, crumble ain’t posh, it’s an old fashioned pud which isn’t supposed to look neat and pretty. though i must admit, the little jug of custard on the side did.

the fruit was well-cooked and perfectly tart, with good constrast between the softer, sweeter pear and the tangier apple. the topping was more crunch than crumble (too much sugar) but the custard did taste as good as it looked: flecked with vanilla seeds and realistically pale.

marks down for small portion size and not enough room for mixing all three components together, so:


crumble review: ooze

this restaurant used to be one of my favourites, but since the recession took grip it seems to have gone downhill. still packed every night, so they must be making money (that’s how it works, right?) but they appear to be cutting corners.

since the first, glorious time i tasted ooze’s crumble, i have been unable to stay away from the restaurant. the gorgeous, nutty topping has the perfect crunch and the balancing crème anglais envelopes, not suffocates, the main affair.

but what now lacks is the fruit. before, you could pick out the apple from the pear, the almonds subtly nestling in between. now, past the golden meal of a topping, there is just mush, without the clarity that a subtle sprinkling of cinnamon used to give.

ooze, you’ve got the icing, but not the cake. stop skimping on the fruit and i’ll give you a ten.


Alfred Russel Wallace - not forgotten

this guy lived and died in my hometown, and without him, the theory of evolution attributed to charles darwin, but in fact theorised by wallace too, might never have been published.

an essay of mine on the subject was published by my lecturer here:

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